how can i send travellers cheques to the USA ?

Found 10th Feb 2011
my brother has asked my dad to send him over £3k worth of usa travellers cheques out to him in the states, how are we able to do this without worrying its not going to get there???
ive tried USPS,FEDEX,DHL and royal mail and a few others
please help my dad has the cheques just no way of sending them over
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Why not just wire the money?
he didnt want it put in his bank account no idea why
western union transfer far easier & less stress
its birthday money nothing iffy,

its birthday money nothing iffy,

Wow , some birthday present that
Wire it into a bank account. He is probably worried about the cost of getting it out of machines i would imagine.

I wouldn't send all of those in the post. Risk + cost of sending + insuring = Not worth it.

If the travellers' cheques are made out in his name, then he will still … If the travellers' cheques are made out in his name, then he will still have to bank them?

Ive just spoke to him he wants to use them to buy a car in a dealership out there. thats why he didnt want to use his bank account because they would want him to have finance and he doesnt want finance .
Not sure if this would work but have you tried any of the on-line travellers cheques services (I think all the usual places do them by post if required: Nationwide, Post Office etc). They may deliver to the USA if you ask - certainly won't harm to ask and the risk is all with them

thanks Wirral_guy we looked into that this morning couldnt find one who would do it.
we have the cheques in hand he ordered them online and sent them to my dad! He has a bank account but he didnt tell the car dealer because if he pays " cash" he gets a big discount and they wanted him to open a finance account with them via a US bank account.

i think the only way we're going to be able to do it is put it in his UK bank account and hope they can wire it to the car dealership.
thanks for all your advice guys.
The best answer to you proble has been ignored....use western union it's very simple and totally safe in these circumstances and the exchange rates are usually better than the banks.
slamdunkin. thank hun looking like we might have to try them next as he doesnt want the money in his bank account because he wants to pay cash for the car
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