how can i stop the birds eating the grass seeds?

Found 12th Jun 2008
my partner has just levelled our lawn and put down grass seeds but the birds are feasting on them everyday how can i stop them doing it? does a scarecrow work?
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sprinklers!!!! or give some kids waterpistols and get em
they are there all day everyday,
can i leave a sprinkler on all day and will the seed still grow?
nope..... i have heard of old cds working (tie em up and the will reflect if not net it over ..... can get really cheap netting at your local garden center (with big holes but not big enough for birds..... also try and make it black (so the birds see it covered) and that would stop them
I remember when I was little (not too long ago!) my Dad seeded our lawn and to stop the birds he put sticks (about 20cm high) in the ground and tied cotton between them, making random patterns and so the birds had difficulty finding an open patch to land. Or, depending on how big your new lawn is, what about chicken wire or some mesh a few inches above the ground so the light can get through, but not the birds.

PS - no birdies were harmed in the course of growing our new lawn!!:-D
try a scarecrow lol or as mentioned the cds are a good trick esp it its slipknot lol
tell them there is a hand bag or shoe sale on or tell them to go home to do the washing up :whistling:
scarecrow wearing high vis :thumbsup:
shotgun ?

only joking
The old CDs one is good and works - put on an old Des O'Connor and any birds that rate their street cred won't come near - put on the Birdie song and its Saturday night fever (some will make right tits of themselves).

Failing that a handful of pencils with bright cotton thread tied between them -or a £3 net from B&Q…y=0

sprinklers!!!! or give some kids waterpistols and get em

Sounds fun, where are the water guns :-D
I used chiffon or some old net curtains as long as the holes aren't too big.

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