how can i switch to o2?

Found 20th Jan 2008
how do i switch to o2 from orange and keep the same number? my credit seems to go so quikly and o2 seems to hav a better deal.
any help would be apreciated.

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Ring Orange and ask them for a PAC.

They will give you a code that you need to pass to your new provider. This is valid for 30 days. Once you have done this, the new provider will take care and transfer the number.

call cust services and ask for the PAC code. When you have it, call O2 and speak to their cust services and quote the PAC code. They'll take it on from there.


Orange will probably offer you a reduced call plan as well, happened to me so see if that would suit you more first..

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oh cool so i keep the same simcard?
also when i switch to o2 will i still be able to get that genie offer?

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im guessing the credit will go when i switch?

you need to ring o2 genie with your PAC code from orange

it will be a different sim card though

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nice one. rep for all of you.
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