How can I tansfer my phone book numbers to my N95?

Found 1st Nov 2007
Hubby has just received his N95 and wants to start using it but hasn't got his phone numbers on it.

His last phone is an old Nokia 6310i and the phones won't connect to eachother via infrared or bluetooth, probably because of the age difference.

Some of his million contacts have like 3 or 4 numbers to one name so he can't transfer them through the sim card either.

please can anyone help so that he doesn't have to spend the whole day doing it manually, like some software or something?

Rep to be had!


Could you not connect to Nokia PC Suite and backup the numbers on there, then transfer them across to the N95?

I bought a little Gizmo to do just that task from Aldi's a while back, a few quid, it works very well.

I had to do mine via bluetooth, it keeps all the numbers to a single contact, but but depends on the phone he has now weather or not he can send the entire phonebook.

only trouble is that it saves under messgaes and you have to open and save each one manually.
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