how can i tell if my lg G4 phone is a refurbished phone? I think i have been scammed

Found 13th Nov 2015
My husband has the same phone, when he got his it was wrapped in a cellophane box and had protective covering on the back buttons. The box mine has arrived in is dirty, no cellophane wrap on the buttons or around the box. There are some other suspicious but minor issues too. I bought mine through flubit my husband got his from Argos. What do you think. I've told them I want a refund.
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if you are happy with the condition, the price and it has warranty then I wouldn't worry.
refurbished means used then clean with baby wipes

refurbished means used then clean with baby wipes

​ha ha ha
was it from Amazon via flubit. if so you might have been sent a Amazon refurb
in the past I have found Amazon warehouse to put a label on stating warehouse deal
Just send it back if your not happy, you're covered under DSR anyway
just got mine . leather backed version. nothing on the back buttons but stickers on the bumpers. box game dented and dirty as well but I assume thats from the delivery bag. everything else sealed.
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