How can I tell what network my jailbroken iPhone is on?

    I would like to basically unlock the phone but I bought the phone already jailbroken, is there any way to find out its original network as I would like to sell it soon as just bought a new phone.





    Then look at the carrier

    Original Poster

    It says 3 but I don't think that is right, 3 did not do iPhones when I bought this phone.

    Cheers for the reply though.

    how do u know its not unlocked already?

    Original Poster

    I don't, but I need to know the network.



    I don't, but I need to know the network.Anybody?

    maybe it was bought from the apple store as a sim free

    go into cydia and see if "ultrasnow" is installed that will tell you if its locked or not

    I use to check whether the phone is locked.
    But if you want to know what network your phone is on or whether it is reported lost or stolen (blacklisted)
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