how can i upgrade/install ixtreme v1.2 is it easy ???

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Found 16th Jul 2007
as above is it easy and i need an idiots guide into doing it?

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hi is it for a hitachi drive or samsung? and what model eg ms28, v47dh?

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samsung im already on xtreme but want ixtreme

is it a ms25 or ms28, if its a 28 then i think you need a via chipset sata port. if you all ready have your orig.bin then all you have to do is place it in the correct ixtreme folder and run the "make ixtreme.bat" command. then just use mtkflash to write itt. first thing to do is check what drive you have.

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huh i never done the modding before is it simple im all confuzed already

all i know i have the model which can be done

ok you need to take your 360 apart and remove the dvd drive. on the top of it theres a sticker, on it somewhere it will either say ms28 or ms28.

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is there any place nearby slough to get it done. i seen someone doing it for 10 quid but didnt want to send it off.

sorry dont no anyone in slough, try at a computer fair. if you was in east london then i could do it. just so you no if your already banned or dont use live then there is no point of ixtreme. some of your backups wont work with ixtreme unless they are patched properly.

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mines is not banned and is there any chance of you coming to slough in the future ???

im not sure tbh, but even if i did that would mean me having to bring down my pc. the drives dont cost much to send by special delivery.

I would advise you to take a look at this ]Textbook. It tells you exactly what you need to do from opening the case to applying the iXtreme firmware.

As mentioned earlier, There are 2 drives - the MS25 and MS28. I have a MS28 drive, so I had to flash my drive with a via sata card (6421), about £12 on ebay.

I have just looked at the above textbook and it has been updated alot more since i used it (about 2 weeks after iXtreme 1.2 came out)

If you need any more advice, pm me
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