How can I use my TV as a PC monitor?

    I want to connect my PC (GeForce 6150LE) which has VGA and DVI-D outputs to my Sony KE-32TS2E plasma screen TV.

    My normal monitor is connected to the VGA output so I'd like to use the DVI-D output for this.

    I have an old s-video cable which is long enough to reach between the two (TV has scart and s-video inputs) and have bought 2 adaptors - one from DVI-D to VGA and one from VGA to s-video (couldn't find one directly from DVI-D to s-video), so have managed to complete the connection, but can't seem to get an image on the TV.

    I've changed the TV's settings to expect s-video input but still nothing on the screen.

    Do I need to adjust the PC's output settings (currently 1024 x 768)? Or maybe adjust the TV's resolution settings?

    Or would I just be best trying going straight from the PC's VGA to the TV's s-video?

    Or maybe a USB card with s-video connectivity? My PC's a slimline one with no scope for internal expansion.


    just as an initial test plug the vga-vga setup in and check ok
    then with thte dvi adapter on the pc plug the vga lead into that and reboot tv, if no signal its probable u need to set up dual head capability on your pc, do that and try.
    forget about using the svhs connector, quality is very inferior.

    I think you'll find the DVI to VGA adaptor is DVI-I or DVI-A. DVI-D to VGA is digital to analogue and requires a converter box rather than a simple adaptor.

    Looking around the web the resolution of the TV is 1024 x 852, can you change it to that?
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