How can I view deleted history on IE (XP)?

    is this possible without having to resort to downloading stuff from tinterweb? If not, then which is the most trusted/ reliable program I can use to do this?

    A teen relative of ours (14yrs) has been using my computer on and off for the past few weeks. the The first few days after he'd been on, I checked the history and low and behold, he'd been up to no good, so I put a 'block' on certain sites.. Since then, I've been checking, but the jammy git must've cottoned on and has been deleting the browsing history.

    I want to know if I can recover the deleted stuff to view without downloading any program? If no, then which is the best way forward...

    Thanks in advance, rep awaits


    you can see if your router has an ability to log the sites hes been on.

    Don't let him use the computer.

    password lock your computer.

    Keylogger or something like CyberPatrol keeps a log of ALL pages visited.

    This one is free and supposed to be pretty good.


    don't let him on the cpu.?

    Let him watch porn...

    Disable IE’s “Clear History” in Windows XP (
    By Mohammad Yousef | June 2004
    It’s true that we should respect other people’s privacy. But it’s your right as well to know how others are using your PC and internet connection. For example, you might be suspecting someone of abusing your computer to access all kinds of shady websites. Thanks to the volatility of computer data, it’s very hard to obtain any evidence. With a few mouse clicks, even a newbie can completely erase his/her data trail. If your PC is used by an average user, all you need -to catch that person red handed- is this simple registry hack which will disable the “Clear History” button in Internet Explorer.

    Before I start, I must warn you that the registry is a crucial part of your system and messing around with it is dangerous. No, it can’t set off some nuclear reaction but improper use of it can severely damage your system. So, I only recommend registry hacks if you’re familiar with computers or at least able to carefully follow my instructions.

    1. Open Registry Editor: Click Start | Click Run | Type regedit | Press Enter
    2. Navigate to the following key (if it doesn’t exist, create it): HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel
    3. To lock the “Clear History” button, you’ll have to modify the DWORD value called “History” (without quotes). If the value “History” does not already exist, right click in the right section of the window and select New, DWORD Value. Name it “History”.
    4. Now that the value “History” is ready, double click on it to change its value data from 0 to 1. Click OK. Immediately, the “Clear History” button in Internet Explorer should be disabled (it turns gray). If Internet Explorer is already open, you might need to restart it to see the changes.

    If you’d like to disable the whole General tab (in Internet Options) which contains other functions such as deleting cookies and temporary internet files, follow the same previous steps. The only different thing is that you’ll need to modify/create the value called “GeneralTab” instead of “History”.

    I'm not sure if you will be able to delete individual items [probably not, but I do not have access to a Windows XP machine today], but worth a try if you don't mind editing the Registry & don't wish to download anything from the World Wide Wait.

    Note: You have the ability to break many other aspects of the operating system if you tweak something accidentally; so if you are at all unsure about the above steps, or your ability to follow them, I would advise not trying.

    PS. Another note: Before you do this, remove the fact you have visited the above site from your history so that the person you are wishing to stop deleting your history does not spot the link, read the page, & just reverse the process to re-enable the button again.




    Why don't they just use inprivate browsing, then you don't have to bother.

    That feature was not implemented until MS-Internet Explorer 8 (so may not be applicable here). Good suggestion, but the opposite of what jellybaby22 wanted to achieve with the query.




    Ha ha ha!

    "A teen relative" indeed! That old chestnut.




    Ha ha ha!"A teen relative" indeed! That old chestnut. BFNfp

    What's with the BFN, fp at the bottom of your post?
    You WISH you were fanpages instead of a BG1, KFC wannabee.....
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