How can I watch Homeland for free?

Found 19th Nov 2013
Gutted it's not on netflix, anyone know any other sites I can watch it for free apart from Lovefilm? I've only just cancelled my account with them.



Google it and see what comes up.

Or download it from torrents sites.

I just torrent the latest episode as it comes out takes like 10 minutes to download, move onto Blackberry Playbook and boom onto tv via hdmi cable

Put xbmc and Navi-x into YouTube ;-)

Is it on 4od?

i wouldnt bother not as gd

the latest series will be on 4od not sure for how long

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Looks like I'll have to buy the DVD. X


Looks like I'll have to buy the DVD. X

season 3 currently on 4oD. Seasons 1 and 2 should be under £10 on eBay/amazon.

season 3 has lost the great momentum that was built up in 1 & 2. Shame.

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I've just finished watching Breaking Bad, what an amazing series. Was looking at something else to fill the gap!

Got an android or iPhone? Google "show box" for hundreds of shows. I posted it in freebies a while back and git hundreds of replies and thanks. Since removed from play store but available online

yeah plus one for show box its one of the awesome apps on the market ... and 720p quality as well

oh and if you have a jailbroken apple device search for movie box
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Will look into those now, thanks guys x


Will look into those now, thanks guys x

warez-bb . org

use search function to search homeland, and look for threads by newage.

he uses a site called putlocker which you don't need to pay for and provides full speed download links.
just watch out for ads etc

just visit primewire.ag click TV shows at the top and search for it it has be very season/episode. or as someone else stated install XBMC on your PC/android/jail broken idevice and access primewire thru the 1channel.ch plugin.
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