How can Npower's "Go Save" tariff be called that?

    I've compared it using their own site against their own standard prices and it's more expensive even though it's supposed to be £10 cheaper per annum according to the blurb.

    £108.75 a month when switching from a £100 a month Npower standard tariff!!!

    And as we all know you should never be paying standard prices anyway, save several hundred a year by switching to a cheaper tariff.

    Complete rip off and very misleading calling it "Go Save". They might as well have called it "Get stuffed"!


    Is there a cash back after a date in the future.
    Ive got scottish powers online energy reward.
    Its dearer than others until 7 june 2011 when i get £105.00 credit to my bill then cheapest.

    Original Poster

    There is a £110 discount (normally £100) ex vat, but their site says that it's already included in their figures.

    To add, I've just checked the football saver tariff which is supposedly 7% cheaper than standard tariff:

    "Prices 7% below our standard tariff until September 2011"

    £102.85 a month to switch from a £100 a month standard tariff!

    those lying gits
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