Posted 30th Aug 2016
I got sent a Android TV Box worth £22.77 from China.

TNT are holding it hostage until I pay them £28.55 on top of the *(I think it was about)* £10 I was charged to use them to deliver the package. *(It wasn't my choice to use them and have no contract with TNT)*

* Duty:£0.00

* VAT:£4.55

* DPF:£20.00

* VAT ON DPF:£4.00

The £4.55 VAT I get. But the £20.00 and the £4.00 VAT on the DPF I don't get.

Shouldn't the DPF be included in the original shipping costs??

The email I got was just a standard template email:…png

They even forgot to replace **[person’s name here]** with my name.

So this makes me think they do this to everyone.

Also they where sending the package then decided to take it back to the London Stansted Airport.…png

So on an item that costs £22.77 that I paid to get delivered within 3-5 days *(that didn't happen. It's been about a Month)* is now stuck at London, and is going to cost me in total, including the original shipping costs. £38.55

So that £22.77 Android TV Box is going to cost me a grand total of £61.32 because I wanted to get it within a week.

Moral of the story. Avoid TNT like the plague.
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