How can you tell if you have a dodgy PayPal payment in your account?!

    Hi everyone,

    Can't really add anything else in here as it's all asked in the title!

    Can anyone help me please?!



    You can't tell.
    Have a look at the person who put the money in.
    Did you qualify for seller protection?
    Without more info I'm afraid I can't help much, Sorry.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that Dinosteveus!

    I am qualified for Seller Protection and I'm sending it to a confirmed address.

    I did try to send them an invoice, and it came up with a system error, and that worried me quite a bit, but then I refreshed my ebay page, and they had just sent payment by paypal. Which I hope explains that!

    I just remember seeing something about dodgy paypal accounts and the "Nigeria" scam on this site a few days ago, and I want to find it again, but all searches I've tried haven't given me what I want!

    Sorry, I meant did the 'sale' qualify for seller protection?
    Are you sending the item to a UK address?
    Do they have a confirmed address?
    Do they have a verified Paypal account?
    What else have they bought?
    How long have they been on ebay?
    Is the Paypal address the same as their ebay one?
    What is the value of the item?
    What is the item number?

    I've replied to your PM.
    Do you have 'seller protection'?
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