How come my Xbox and PS3 don't play DVD's in 720p but games?

Found 14th Jul 2009
This is probably a really stupid question ,but does anyone know why my ps3 and xbox play games in great quality but not DVD's?

Thank you
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Your ps3 will play blue rays at 1080
Because the games are HD and DVDs aren't ??
OP - your 360 will upscale via VGA/HDMI to whatever your dashboard is set to. Component will restrict it to SD resolutions.

For your PS3, check your Settings to ensure you have DVD/BD-ROM upscaling enabled.

Because the games are HD and DVDs aren't ??

+1 ... max res for dvd is 576, it can upscale but it cant defy the law of physics :thumbsup:
When dvd is playing, hit select (or triangle can't remember), on them options, look for video setting.
Can upscale it, put filters on.
I use the mosique filter (only does the small dots)
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