How comes my shaving charger socket wont power up my waterpik but charges my toothbrush?

Posted 6th Nov
I redid my bathroom and installed a shaving socket however the person who installed the socked didnt put the front socket plate on until after the tiling around the hole was done so it does not sit flush against the wall...the socket used to power up my water pik and charge my electric toothbrush howver it no longer powers up the waterpik. i thought it might be faulty so i got a new waterpik sent out and it still doesnt power it up. is it possible there is a loose wire somewhere. just seems odd the toothbruish still charges fine from the same socket... anyone help??
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It could be the legs inside the socket need a squeeze to make contact.
This would entail SWITCHING OFF THE ELECTRIC and then removing the cover.
Compare the legs on the plugs too, see if one is longer than, or wider than the other.
You may have a shaver socket with a transformer in it which is required if fitted in certain zones, if so, check the wattage of the waterpik does not exceed the maximum wattage of the shaver socket.

Also check if you waterpick has a UK two pin plug on it, or if it is in fact a 2 pin euro-plug, which has thinner pins spaced slightly further apart, which will work in some UK 2 pin sockets, but not others.
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