How Crap Are CDWOW?


    Does anyone else have the same problem or is it just me?

    Every time (5 in a row) i order a pre release product from CDWOW i always get despatch delayed emails, the latest today was Poseidon DVD which they now wont have stock of till 16th October.

    They seem to like selling stock they havent got and i reckon they know they havent got it or wont get it as Poseidon for example is still showing for sale on their site now but doesnt tell u its out of stock or sorry never been in stock

    Anyone had any reliable experiences with the cheap web cd / dvd shops as id really like to start using someone else to have a chance at getting it close to the release date?? Amazon havent been too bad but the £15 for free delivery is a pain



    same! i had pre ordered "lake house" for a relatives bday present which is due to be released today.

    well i got an email saying that they hope to have stock and dispatch on the 16th!

    let's hope it's just a gestimate and is sent sometime this week, because the birthday was last week and i shall be seeing them this weekend comming and need it to be here :-(

    i bought the o.c. off their ebay shop and well here i am 3 or 4 weeks later still waiting

    Often it's not the seller's fault, as scheduled releases are delayed. But Amazon Jersey have Poseidon for £10.89 in-stock...

    i must admit, i have never had any trouble with CDWOW in the past, although i do currently have pirates of the caribean on pre order

    they've been good with me

    Oh and yeah They've always been great for me too ;-) Just now and then you need to be patient when demand for certain titles causes the delays...

    Never had any problems with CD-Wow, although I only ever use them for CDs.

    I've ordered Simpsons boxset on pre-order a couple of times and they always arrived on time and also found them efficient when dealing with problems, returned an item and they sent a credit note for the same value, not once but three times!:giggle:

    I have always found CDWOW to be excellent. Not even a tiny bit crap.

    They have always been rubbish for me. Slow and the last 2 PC games I bought from them were both Asian versions.

    XMen 3 ordered but delayed until 16th also.

    Not happy as I thought I'd found a superb deal

    I must say I've always found CD-Wow to be pretty good.

    101CD on the other hand - I've had nothing but trouble with them...


    I must say I've always found CD-Wow to be pretty good.101CD on the other … I must say I've always found CD-Wow to be pretty good.101CD on the other hand - I've had nothing but trouble with them...

    Yeah totally agree, no problems with cdwow, it is true there are often delays and its rare to get something on the day of release (a skill seem to manage) but they most often offer the best price, so im willing to understand a slight delay. Cdwow is based in hong kong, yet still manage to deliver items within about 3 days from dispatch.

    101cd, yep 3 orders, 3 cancellations... the so often sell products when they have no idea if/when they may have stock.

    Do cd-wow usually take payment for a pre-ordered item?

    i love cd-wow for normal stuff i want to buy but they have always totally sucked when it comes to pre-ordering items.

    from past experience, i find the best for pre-orders. a lot of the time they ship out the item before the release date as well.
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