How did the world ever get to be this callous?

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Found 13th Dec 2007
Ive just been informed that my mother's memorial plate, along with hundreds of others, have been stolen from Chelmsford Crematorium. Probably stolen for the scrap metal value.
Admin, can you turn the swear filter off for five minutes while I vent my anger please?
I'm so upset. Physically and mentally. Obviously I visit my Mother every Christmas, and I know that a metal plate is nothing more than symbolism, but it is a lasting and visible tribute to a dearly departed Mother. Sorry, but I feel more and more dissapointed with the people that I have to share this world with on a daily basis :-(
Why can people be such nasty bastards sometimes?
BTW, I had to catagorize this as 'Nonsence'. Just to let everyone know, it isn't nonsence. I feel like my heart has been ripped out.

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What an awful thing to have happened:-(

that the world has people residing in it that do terrible things cannot be questioned,but I do believe in karma,and one day something awful will befall them too.Not that it makes it any easier for you at this moment in time,but you will connect with your mum in many ways without visiting the your heart and in your mind,which is where her memory truly resides.

My thoughts are with you:friends:

Scribbles, I am so sorry for this absolutely despicable thing that has happened. I can only imagine how upsetting it is for you and the other people affected.
Try to take some comfort from the fact that it has not hurt your Mother- no-one can take your memories.
(()) cyber hugs for you

^%%$^%@!!!!! May whoever did it be cursed for his/her miserly life and burn in Hell afterwards! Bloody ****iing shitheads!

Original Poster

Actually, it is not inconceivable that the people who did it read this forum. Or maybe someone who knows those who did it. So, I would like to say to the perpatrators from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my dead defenceless mother ...
I hope you choke of the proceeds, and may you burn in hell. Signed, Scribbles.

Scribbles, so sorry, it makes me feel sick to hear this, I dont live that far from Chelmsford and I would never of thought that this could of happened there, but I suppose it can happen anywhere, the scum on this earth have to live somewhere.
I hope they rot in hell, and just remember one day they will get whats due to them,
Look after yourself and dont let it spoil your visit to your mum X

Man that brought a tear to my eye. Can say nothing more.

gosh, that's horrid. I echo what others have said.

some people are sick ....


That is so bad...Really feel for you...I hope Karma works...preferably [SIZE="6"][FONT="Arial Black"]instant karma[/FONT][/SIZE]:x

Instant Karma is correct.
My sentiments are with Scribbles and their family.

I honestly don't think the world has become more callous. I do however think that all the time the honest majority allow the dishonest minority to spoil our society and get away with crime this won't get better. Time to stop making excuses for the criminal minority and make the punishment fit the crime I think. :x :viking:

Take care Scribbles.

Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

[quote=hottoshop;Time to stop making excuses for the criminal minority and make the punishment fit the crime I think. :x :viking:
Don't these scum have parents, what would they think?:x
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