How did you find HotUKDeals?

    As I notice more and more members and visitors all the time I'm curious where or how you found HotUKDeals? Was it word of mouth? another forum? Google?

    They always say the original poster should answer they're own question but I think it's fairly obvious for me in this case


    I had just started looking at another forum [url][/url] and noticed a thread that mentioned this site. Had a look and must admit the thing that hooked me was the promotional offer.
    I prefer this site as the other one has loads of SPAM and meaningless information posts etc that are too difficult to wade through.

    Until I reached this site I was a posting virgin.

    Google Search for me!! I was trying to find out if there were any discounts on eBay fees (no such luck!! lol)

    Anyway, me too. I got hooked by the promotion.

    google for me too

    Original Poster

    What were you googling for kirikara? Did you find it here?

    Google search for UK Deals and Codes..........

    Someone on MSE put "found this on hotukdeals" in a post. Being eager to find another money off my grocery shopping voucher, I had to look. Didn't find what I was looking for that day, but found more than I thought I would since

    My brother sent me the link, knew I'd love it

    I've told everyone I know at work. Just doing my bit :wink:

    My hubby mentioned it to me, hooked now :shock: although I don't get on much as he hoggs the computer

    Original Poster

    Wow thanks for all the response Any one else? I love hearing these stories...otherwise it's just like you all appear out of the ether It's nice to put a story behind a name....

    mse for me too i think!

    A friend told me he'd found it (I think on MSE) and reckoned I'd like it. He was right I'm on more than him!! :lol: Originally fancied the free CDs and have stuck around cos I like it, but not as much time now. Ironically, friend who recommended didn't bother posting to get the freebies - said it was too much work!!????? :wink:

    I like this board much better than MSE - it's REALLY confusing! :lol:

    it was mentioned on another forum, had a look and now i don't even use the other forum!!

    Google for me - searching for a promo code for lxdirect funnily enough

    ..when looking for a way to discount on a purchase at currys.

    Thumbs up all round as this an excellent resource and I wouldn't buy anything on the internet now without looking here first. If the word would spread a bit faster then perhaps the merchants would contact hotukdeals with details of deals and save us all the hard work!

    Then again in this knowledge economy you see even the likes of ebay taking advantage of the customer-product lead purchase where they introduce a mechanism for posting what you want- leaving sellers to chase the buyers and provide the best deal. Maybe thats a gap that someone should fill...a major player in the 'I want that' arena.

    Keep up the good work!

    i also found this site looking for lxdirect discount codes, and have been back here most days ever since checking out the latest hot deals and trying to get my hands on some freebies!

    googled discount codes!


    I think you've got the record for oldest post bumped up, over 3 years!!!

    I was searching for discount codes,saw the promotional boxes on websites when you went to purchase and knew they existed, and I had odd codes arrived in emails so then I figured people somewhere would be posting them up on websites.
    Amongst searching for codes some 2 yrs plus back I found here and used the site for a while and then finally joined up myself. Now I tell everyone I know about this site who got net.I talk about it everyday. I'll call my Mum and say I've seen this on there and does she want. my partner come in from work and I'll show him some thread,or he say to me he wants to know about something and i'll start a thread for him.
    We know most of the time I'll post and someone will know something about what we asking about.

    my cousin told me when we wanted money off megabowl now its so good ive told all my friends

    searching for discount codes for some electrical product - dont remember which and hukd popped up, and 2 years later im still here

    I think I found a link from another money saving site. I've never gone back to it though, all my needs are fulfilled here hehe!


    wow!I think you've got the record for oldest post bumped up, over 3 … wow!I think you've got the record for oldest post bumped up, over 3 years!!!

    its so cute seing ducky's post... bless when ducky was a newbie!
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