how did you find this site?

well i found it 2 months ago typing the words 'debenhams discount code' into google


One of my friends at school told me :-D

Found it on MSE site.

I was looking to buy xmas presents for all my friends and family and i had seen discount vouchers from other affiliates but couldn't remember where, so i typed it into google and noticed HUKD had a lot of vouchercodes.

The rest is all history..... what an exciting story that was.

This site is great though, i've made quite a few friends on here and saved loads of money, which is why i always go out of my way to save people money as a thank you.

The admin deserves a lot of credit for the site, he's a done a great job.

I was looking for an Xbox 360.

Typed in "Cheapest xbox 360" and different varitions, I then found a thread on Avforums saying "thank to on Hotukdeals for this great buy!"

I was curious what "hotukdeals" was so googled it and found here!

my sister told me...she is the biggest bargain hunter

I can't even remember now.....i remember the original site but it took me about 2 years to bother registering. lol

I was googlling for discount codes...

my uncle used it and then first used it based under his username then created my own one afterwards.

I found it when it was featured in the Sun about a year ago, although I only just registered recently.

I honestly can't remember ¬_¬

Think I stumbled across it at Christmas, guessing by my registered date...

But I can't actually remember

googling something.....
definitely the best forum on the net.

Googling 'tesco voucher codes' and the vouchers came up, used the vouchers section for about 2 months, then went over to the forum and started freebies, made my way to miscellaneous, hot deals, requests and finally comps

Found it looking for voucher codes on google.

When the sun ran a story on the site.


Found it on MSE site.

Same here

found it by searching for a discount code in google and it came up and iwas like what a neat site and it has been bookmarked since

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When the sun ran a story on the site.

haha you read the sun :w00t: what did it say in the article?


My daddy told me about it.

A guy off [url][/url] told me about the site. Thanks h2w :thumbsup: lol


I stole a computer and HUKD was set as the home page.



haha you read the sun :w00t: what did it say in the article?

It was something to do about a playstation 2 and free game on Argos site. I don't read the sun myself blokes at work do, and I was bored one lunchtime

Christmas [COLOR=Blue]]time thread [/COLOR]about the sun article

Original Poster Banned


Christmas [COLOR=Blue]]time thread [/COLOR]about the sun article


was silly enough to pay 99p for it on ebay, about 2 years ago, had just bought a computer and was new to the whole deal hunting. i think the title was 'voucher codes to save pounds on your shopping'

As like most people....

I was buying something on web - and noticed promotional code (and thought... i wonder if i could use this...) - so googled it and spotted hotukdeals.... (never looked back since....) but ive got to admit - used the website for serveral months before eventually registering and creating a user name etc...

My hubbie was looking at (west ham forum site).. and someone was on there and said that they are competely addicted to hotukdeals, take a look,I was standing next to my hubbie at the time and I was curious, so had a little look, which turned into a big look, and have been on it a couple of times each day since!!.......competely addicted too!.... so thank you hammer fan , who eva you R!..... Ive also passed it onto neighbours and freinds who now use it too!....
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