How do 30 day software trials work?

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Found 29th Oct 2010
I want a software package but cannot afford the astronomical amount they want for it, but there is a 30 day trial for it.
I have had 30 day trials in the past and they have elapsed and become unusable.
I am assuming you cannot just remove the program and then keep reinstalling it every 30 days so is there a way round it so you can either keep it or keep reinstalling it?

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Pay for it?

I remeber someone telling me that you can just reset the system clock back thirty days once these things expire. However, the person that told me this also said he could read QR codes.

Setting the clock back used to work on really old software, but not any more.

2 options, buy it or. . .

Format your machine every 30 days and reinstall the trial .

Or just d/l a cracked version.

What software is it?

Original Poster

^^ Adobe lightroom.

I would have thought there was some way of uninstalling it from your pc and erasing all evidence of it without having to change any settings or formatting.

Explain to a pleb how it works then, how does it keep a note that you have had it installed and why can't you just dlete and reinstall the program.

I have a slow connection and a couple od d/l's have been corrupt so got cheesed off with that avenue.

I am not desperate enough to pay for it and just wondered if there was a round it these days which i would have thought there was.

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