How do airmiles work?

Found 14th Jul 2008
Hi all,

would appreciate the knowledge of the masses on here.

Was looking at the following offer ""
which awards 6000 airmiles.

Never come across air mile offers before.
Does it mean that you can travel for free as long as your return journey is under 6000 miles?

Ultimately, a friend of mine is needing to go to America with his family (2 adults, 2 kids) in September so I was wondering if this be of any use to him?
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You can read about air miles here…ttp

According to that site you need 6,500 miles to get to Florida for one person.

Note that you can only use them on British Airways flights.

And they only have so many "free" seats per flight and once they are used up no more seats can be booked on that plane with Air Miles.
OK, thanks for the info.
Looks like it won;t be too much use.

Will have to keep an eye out for cheap flight deals for him then.
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