How do ask for CCTV to be installed in an area?

    As of late burglars have been using the park near us at night as cover for robberies. If there was some sort of CCTV system near the park entrances I am sure they would be put off but how does one request they be installed?

    There are a lot of elderly persons flat nearby.


    Contact your local council-details will be on their website. Use anti social behaviour or similar contact area. You could also contact your local councillor-again, details will be online, or meeting them in person at one of their 'surgeries' with any evidence might be more effective.

    We had a smiliar situation where I live, there are so many hoops to jump through from meeting councillors setting up a new neighbour hood watch team. It's all about funding and cctv camera availability, basically you have to wait for a camera to be removed from a particular area were the police and public feel is no longer required. Before any of that can be even considered the police want you do to all the voluntary and community work for your area and then it's up to you to show that you have done everything you can and Cctv is a must to help reduce the crime

    Get some professional looking signs that state CCTV is in Operation, attach them to the occasional lamp post in the park, may give the thieves something to consider/be put off....
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