How do I add an email address?

    I would like to give my daughter her own email address, but I can't figure out how to do it. My internet access is with tesco and it says it includes up to 5 email addresses. I use Outlook Express for emails.
    Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions please?


    No idea with Tesco - presumably there's an account page on their homepage?

    Failing that I've got plenty of Google Mail invites!
    If anyone wants one then PM me with your contact email and I'll send an invite.

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    Thank you for that 50p. I have managed to register the new email address with Tesco by following the instructions above. I still can't figure out how to do the outlook express bit though. I thought I'd done it, but then when I tried to send an email to the new address it would't go because of a protocol error. What's a protocol error?

    Thanks for the pointer to those 50p! You can use this info for other ISP's and OE. Very useful to explain to others with the snapshots

    Shucks thanks rayman. I just checked out the help pages on tesco net, it's knowing where to look I guess. Most ISP have the same kind of thing on their help pages too.

    And your right the snapshots are far easier to understand than text alone

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    Yes, 50p, I did all that. I even put my specs on to check if there was a dot between mail and Tesco! I also used the same password as my default address. Do you think that is right? Or should I pick something different?

    Mmmmm, no the choice of password shouldn't make a difference as it's a different email account.

    The chances are that it will be somthing small that's causing the problem.

    We all have different email accounts in our house running OK. We all log onto windows with our own log on so that Outlook Express only has one account listed.

    Is it the same in your house or are you switching email accounts within the same Outlook express?

    Not sure that makes sense, this is what I mean,
    (1)do you log on to windows , open Outlook Express check you mail and then log in to your daughters email account to check her mail
    (2)do you log on to windows , open Outlook Express check you mail and then log off. Your daughter then logs into windows open Outlook Express check her mail account and then log off again.

    We use the second option without bother.

    Could you post the precice Error Message or cut and paste the complete error message into google and see what it throws up

    There could be another way of setting it u in OE.

    Instead of using, try both: and in their correct fields.

    That's the usual setting for most ISP's [I think].
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