How do I add loads of small pictures in one post

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Found 16th Feb 2008
I have uploaded 55 pictures onto photobucket, all pictures are of individual brand new baby clothes. My pictures normally come out massive. Any help would be appreciated

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when you load them to Imageshack you can resize them, unsure about Photobucket

You can only use a max of 5 images on any one post if you're looking to post on HUKD
[SIZE="1"](this even applies to smileys)[/SIZE]

Other than that, like Harv, I use Imageshack....

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Is this allowed?

are you wanting to sell these on HUKD?

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are you wanting to sell these on HUKD?

yes i am, ive uploaded to photobucket, just about to put sizes and prices on

you could name each picture 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 55.

then mabye post a price list like

1= £2.99
2= £4.99
just an idea…sed
post here if you intrested in selling

You can resize on photobucket, just use the edit tab above the pic.
For what you want though I would use the collage button in Picasa (free from Google)
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