how do i add music to my htc desire s from windows media player?

    media player just says connect a device even though the phone is connected. its driving me mad!


    try syncing it?

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    if not I just drag the MP3s straight onto the memory card then play using winamp

    Why you trying it that way?
    Can you not connect the handset to your pc via the usb cable, connect as drive, open up the drive window, create a folder on the sd card called music and copy your music into that folder?
    That's what i did on my Hero and works fine
    Syncing just creates problems in my experience
    Just re-read your OP.
    If you're having issues that way, can you not remove the memory card from the phone? (a pain i know since the battery cover is very annoying) and use the memory card in a card reader and just do what i suggested above?
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    ive managed to go into my music then send it to the phone that way, but not all albums will play. also its listing them by songs when i would rather it listed them by albums and i cant change it

    I don't have the S but on the Hero, there is the Music Player shown by the small green "note" icon.
    When you open it, in the bottom left corner is a symbol, looks like 3 parallel lines.
    If you click that it shows by default, artists.
    To the right is cd icon which is albums, then, right again, playlists, right again, songs, right again, genres, one more to the right, composers
    Is the S set up this way too with the inbuilt music player?

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    seems similar. ive sussed how to list by album. it wont play some of the albums though. ive worked out theyre the ones i transferred from my old laptop to this one. looks like i will have to rip them from disc to this laptop and see if that works

    I wonder if when you ripped them from your lap-top did the DRM protection restrict them, so that they cannot be transferred? Clutching at straws now though, sorry

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    maybe. i put some cds on the other night and those play fine. will put them on again another day and see how it goes. thanks =)

    dammmm just buy a htc desire 816 want to transfer some photo frm my phone to computer i connect it frm USB but it`s say no phone connect help me thanks in advance
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