How do i add my videos to the iphone?

    Ive just converted a film from avi to mp4. How do i now get this onto my iphone? Ive tried itunes, i can add it into the library but this does not add it onto the phone



    once you've added it to the library you need to sync it, but you need to make sure it shows as a video in itunes first. i'd guess you've used an incompatible format for the video. it will say its added to itunes but isn't there

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    it shows in the library as a video, it even plays

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    [COLOR="Red"]done it, its me being thick. i didnt scroll down past "rented movies" and "tv shows", if i would have scrolled down i would have seen "my videos"![/COLOR]

    Can you pm me on how to convert to MP4?

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    pm sent

    if it shows in your itunes libary then like wolf says sync it. connect your iphone, when it brings up the iphone control within itunes click the videos tab and tick the box sync video, make sure you do the same for music/ringtones if you already have some on then go back to overview/summery (cant remember exactly what its called - im at work so cant see) then in the bottom right hand corner click "apply" voila your phone is now syncing, will take a few mins.

    you'll find your videos under "ipod" on your iphone
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