how do i add pics to a listing ?

    yes i know im thick but how can i upload pics to my listings gentle ..


    You don't have to Add any pictures.When you submit a Deal then when you have givin the Link to hotUKdeals they add the picture for you in around 5 mins after posting.You can add pictures to your Item using photobucket or Imageshank, But I prefer photobucket.

    on here :? u need to upload them to photobucket, then copy the image code over to here

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    cheers guys ,thanks for the help

    Using photobucket:

    You cannot put a pic in the OP.


    as chesso has pointed pout, for adding pics to a fs thread you need to copy and paste that link, not in your oepning post, you can add 5 pics to a post, so reserve enough posts immediately after opening your thread

    for posting a deal and adding a pic, right click on image and selct properties, then copy the adress url and paste into the image url. this is only for deals, not misc or the fs boards, use the above by chesso for those

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    Cheers to everyone ,thanks for all your help ,ive now added pics to my post men
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