How do I apply for a CRB check?

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Found 28th Jul 2008
I have an interview on friday with an agency and they require a CRB check from me - how do get one?

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]http//ww…381 - This explains in more details although you as an individual can't apply for a CRB check. I think the agency would have to do it for you


Yh they wil do the CRB themselves...all they need is your permission

Yeah, they will carry one out for you, make sure you take the relevant ID. Passport, both parts of driving License and a few util bills.

make sure you have the right information with you. its pretty straight forward. They usually get the CRB checks back in 6 weeks but ive only just got mine back last week and i applied for mine the begining of January! Had to resend information to them only for them to get it wrong again.

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Thanks for your help guys, rep left.

Yeah, a lot of companies will carry out their own CRB checks regardless of you having done one/a million before.

You basically need to bring some ID (drivers licence, passport) and possibly fill out part of the CRB form. And you're done.

Sometimes takes a while to get the check back - I think both you and the company will receive a copy, sometimes you'll get yours before they get theirs.
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