How do I cancel the Economist Subscription?

Posted 14th Jan 2010
I paid £1 for 12 issues and it expires on 31st Jan. its via direct debit so do i have to call the bank up or do i just need to go to the economist settings online and click 'suspend subscription' or is it more complicated than that? Thanks in advance
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I'd have thought just cancel direct debit. they're not going to send out anymore without payment. that's all i've done with my special offer subscriptions.

also, suspend subscription too....just in case!!
....always, always, cancel the DD/SO first. Then cancel any subs u don't want (sorry for stating the obvious....)
I realise this thread s 6 months old.... but Just because I kept Googling it and it came up with this thread...calling them seems to be an easy way. 01444 475 647
Also i believe, 'suspending subscription' is merely delaying, not cancelling.
I would have thought suspending your subscription would merely be for periods when you were on holiday etc. As others have said cancel your DD or whatever with your bank first then write to the company saying you want to cancel. Keep a copy. When I wrote to a book club to cancel my membership they still kept sending books so I wrote again informing them that I had cancelled and any books they sent would not be returned but would be held for collection by them for a period of a month after which they would be considered a 'free unsolicited gift'. End of problem.
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