How do I change my keywords?

Found 11th Mar 2016
I remember a while ago being able to set up keywords which give me alerts at the top right of the page when a new deal is uploaded with one of my keywords in the title - ie Lego/Frozen etc etc.

I can't for the life of me see or find anywhere to change/delete/add to these keywords. I originally did it on the mobile App and can't find anything on there either, but I'm prepared to admit my sex life might be spoiling my eye sight and I could just be missing it.

Please can someone point me in the right direction to change them.

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On mobile got to the lighting bolt then the gear right top corner then deal alerts. It should be at the bottom if that helps

Original Poster

That's great, thanks for your help

Can the keywords be amended when viewing HUKD from a browser?

If so, how?

Apparently not. I can't find it either.

thats annoying

mhhbizz15th Jan

thats annoying

​I've been trying to do the same for days.

Me to as I can't find it. App don't work with my phone as can't open posted links. Just prompts me to select a browser to open with then nothing. Online browser rubbish to so that's me done with hot uk deals. Will look everyday but not going to be so active until it's sorted.
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got it.. go to feeds, then press on cog top right. you will see a list of your keywords after, add and delete as you wish.
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