how do i change the deals location???? everytime i go to type in postcode it allows me all of half a second and then defaults. ack to london?

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Found 13th Dec 2014
Every time I go to type in postcode it defaults back to London it's most annoying. What am I doing wrong?? Anyone else bad same problem?

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I don't know - I have the same problem.

Is your own location either empty or set to London - this may be why?

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Thanks devette, it's soooo annoying, tried sneaking up on it everything haha! It's just too fast for me, even harder than finding those elusive golden Flamedeer !

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No sure tawse57 ? How do I check/ change it?

I had that problem on my kindle. So went on my laptop and manage to change it

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Thanks tiger_Lily2008 that's probably the problem then as I am using a kindle too. I don't have access to a laptop. Will just have to see local "London " deals instead!!(_;)

Yes I have had the same issue.

HUKD's area splits are rather wacky so it may be London is the intended one for your post code even if it's not correct from your point of view.

For example I live on the east coast of Norfolk. HUKD groups us in with the midlands, despite being a hundred miles away from the traditional border of the midlands and hours away from the big centres like Birmingham and Manchester.

It's not as if there's no big centres nearby. IIRC Norwich claims to be something like the fifth or sixth biggest shopping destination in the UK, but there's no Norwich option , Norfolk or even East Anglia on the list.

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No don't think it is that, I live in north Wales so a tad too far away to be "local" haha!

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Ahh, Thank you EndlessWaves , hope it keeps this page for me. X
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