How do I check ps4 warranty

Posted 16th Nov
As above I recieved a new boxed PS4 with virgin media deal and want to sell it but want to show it has warranty, can’t seem to enter it on Sony website?
Any ideas
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1 year from date of purchase. Your receipt is your proof, Virgin must have given you one.
Just a delivery note!!
There’s a serial no on the side of the box I was hoping that would work on Sony website but nothing!
You got to find out first if the warranty is valid if you sell on the PS4. I never ever mention warranty when I sell brand new items.
When I sold something in the past with warranty and the buyers came back to me about 2 months later when a fault developed I emailed them a scan of the receipt and they did the warranty using my name at their address so there was no issues so it just looked like I'd moved. As I think the warranty was for the original purchaser only but something like a ps4 could be given as a gift so would of thought it would be a bit more flexible. Your virgin invoice is surely the correct document for the start of the warranty.
If you're selling it on Guntree or FB nobody will even ask about a warranty. I've sold a few things brand new and never mentioned
Thanks for replies I sold it an hour after advertising it, she did ask about warranty and I said I didn’t know but thought it should have had some and gave her the delivery note I got with it and said any issues I’m happy to contact whoever for her!
Hopefully it’s fine though
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