how do i clear everything of my computer?

    im selling my computer and want to clear it of anything it may have stored on it,can anyone advise me how please?



    what make is it. you either restore factory settings or do a format.

    To be honest if you have had sensitive date on it at any time i.e bank details i'd sell it minus the hard drive or replace the hard drive for a new cheap one. Unless you use government standard formatting software (expensive) the data on your pc would always be recoverable by the new owner.
    Hope that helps a little!

    Yep - do one of 2 things.

    1) Format hard drive and reinstall windows (still can recover data if they really try hard enough)

    2) Buy a cheap HDD and replace it in the computer, then you will need to reinstall windows

    Agreeed with both previous posts...

    Essentially, you need to at a minimum reformat your hard drive (which is a very easy thing to do) when you start your comouter up and put it back to the factory settings. However, as the previous post mentions, IF the new owner wanted to be really **** (which it has to be said is unlikely considering the hassel) they could technically get back whatever was on the hard drive before - but this would usually only be somebody like PC World or similar.... (Remeber what happened to Mr. Gary Glitter.... Mmm nuff sed!)

    Google zero filling your hard disk before selling it.
    Formatting won't wipe it suffeciently. Zero filling isn't perfect, but it will protect you much more than just a format will.

    use killdisk

    take it apart



    use killdisk

    wow that looks noice


    Don't bother formatting just put in your new computer and buy a cheap new drive, I've deep formatted and erased the partition table on a drive and still managed to recover all my data.
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