How do I connect the XBOX wireless internet and get online??

    Hey all....

    bit of a basic Q here....
    a new owner of a Xbox 360 and am being passed a 2nd hand wireless internet connector but without instructions etc......

    How easy is it for a complete technophobe to use this thing and get connected to the www for such things as PES9 and Fifa 09?
    What do I do and how??

    Any help greatly appreciated--rep ready to go !


    its easy - plu in the wireless adapter in the back and clip it onto the back of the console. Then go into the xbox dashboard and go to settings - in the network settings it should look for the wireless network and you just have to put in your network WEP key unless it is unsecured.

    Hope this helps

    Go into the 'Network Settings' blade on your 360, and click on Edit Settings. Once in there make sure you are on the 'Basic Settings' tab and go down to 'Wireless Mode'. Once you click on this it will search for your wireless network, once you find your wireless network select it from the list and enter any network key if you have one and it should connect after that.

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    thanks both

    rep a-coming!
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