how do I contact an administrator NOW? please why is my thread spammed?

    I just posted a question as to how to conttact admin.

    Someone replied and then spammed the thread so I can't post on it?

    Why has my question been spammed - I don't understand? Also where is the contact us button the person referred to?




    was it thesaint by any chance?

    no it was liddle

    Post in this thread ]HERE

    The "]Contact Us" form is at the bottom of every page. good luck if you choose that method.

    Original Poster

    no idea but it was a sensible question and I don't understand what I have done wrong. Also I still don't know how to contact admin which was the question!

    hi fairy try not to worry

    your thread was probably spammed as the answer was given ( but not explained thoroughly to someone who is flustered )

    if you scroll down to the bottom of the page under "about hotukdeals" you can see a "contact us" link.

    Good luck sweetie x


    this is what I use :-)


    fairy, were these the mulitple duplicated panasonic threads that you were posting in MISC & Deal Requests ? The duplicates were removed & your main thread is here :…ni/

    There's no need to post identical threads in different forums, so they were consolidated into one post, apologies that you didn't get a PM, as I assumed you'd done it in error then reposted in correct forum rather than requesting them to be moved, not that you'd actually done the duplicates intentionally, sorry :thumbsup: .
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