How do I convert residual phone credit to cash?

Found 21st Dec 2015
Asked a few times here over the years without any great answers.

Came across this link…it/ from 2013, but all of those methods of converting direct to cash appear to no longer exist.

I've got a residual balance on my giffgaff account (around £10) and I'm looking to switch to another provider. If there is a quick and easy way to convert this credit into cash then I would like to know!

Many thanks
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Asked a few times here over the years without any great answers.

Maybe that's because there aren't any great answers? Not a clue sorry.

Maybe just keep it in an emergency phone? Like a basic phone which you could just dump in your car (if you have one) for example so if your main mobile breaks/loses power/can’t get a signal, you have a backup if required.

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PSN credit
Give it to charity. I'm afraid no ways that I know off either. But rather than waste do some of those text donations to the charity of your choice it is Christmas after all Though last time I left I was able to transfer credit onto my partners giffgaff then she switched after she used it all up.
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use it to buy stuff from the play store by using phone billing
Not sure that you can spend giff gaff credit by mobile billing. (unlike the other main players.)
What website can you use to pay for stuff using phone credit?
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