how do i cook raw tiger prawns

Found 21st Jan 2010
I have just got 9 big tiger prawns from tesco for 50p (bargian) I want to grill them but do i take the shell of first and how long do i cook them for?

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Leave the shell on - they will keep the juice in ...

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Shell on 2 mins each side

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Thanks rep left for mallinersha and baby smurfette

OR, take the shells and heads off, clean out the waste along the backs (very shallow cut and wash out) then pop in a pan with some butter, garlic and parsley... heat througha nd serve on crusty bread YUM


squeeze of lemon and a bit of chopped garlic if you've got any too!! And maybe some chilli

stick em in the george foreman

there not from the reduced fridge are they, we got a tub full for a pound and had them the same night in a stir fry but got ill next day.. (never buy seafood from the reduced fridge again!)

batter them deep fry them then high heat in a wok with salt chilli garlic
oh baby

Place in a steamer for a few mins and then peel and dip in soya sauce with some fresh chopped chilli in
WOW !! :w00t:

just make sure you devein them otherwise you could be in for a nasty surprise
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