How do i copy/backup one of my dvds then watch it on my pc without the dvd in the player?

    title says it all.

    i have dvd decrypter which puts all the different files into a file of my choosing, however then i am left with different chapters which i have to click independantly but i just want to copy my dvd to my pc and then be able to click on the file and watch it at a later date (when the mrs has corrie on!)
    please can someone help me as im not the most clued up on this sort of thing.

    rep left for all helpers and thankyou in advance


    A quick and easy way to make it work with any DVD player would be to:
    Make a ISO image using ImgBurn of the movie folders from you hard dsik
    Mount the ISO image using Daemon Tools/Burn the ISO image
    Play it in your favourite DVD playback software

    you can use things like dvd shrink to back it up to your HDD and then load in the ifo file to your dvd software to get all the menus etc

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    i still dont understand guys, any chance of a step by step guide, im hopeless at this sorry........

    You say you are left with different chapters of the film. Are they .vob , .bup and .ifo files. If they are make sure you are trying to play the VIDEO_TS.vob file. That should start the whole dvd.

    use decrptor to rip an iso image its straight foward and there are plenty of tutorials about to show step by step the way i would play them is by installing slysoft virtual clone drive which is also free this will create a fake dvd drive on your pc you can then mount the iso image in the virtual drive and it will play just as if you had the real disc and drive.
    virtual clone drive…tml

    step 1:…age
    step 2:…ve/

    job done
    daemon tools is complex for a noob and if you download a free copy it puts **** on your pc spyware

    Use DVDFAB,does perfect job!


    i still dont understand guys, any chance of a step by step guide, im … i still dont understand guys, any chance of a step by step guide, im hopeless at this sorry........

    ok dvd shrink method.

    run dvd dvd.....(dvd shrink will examine the disk and come up with various options to make the backup smaller, but you don't need any of these unless you want to burn the backup to a blank dvd.) wait for the analysis to finish and then click backup. browse to wherever you want the back to go. then ok

    when its finished you can close dvd shrink down. you can then open up your dvd playback software and instead of loading the disk you can load the files into the program instead. eg in powerdvd you would change source to dvd folder and then browse to wherever you backed the dvd upto. then the dvd will load and you can use the menus as normal

    imageburn/dvd decrypter method will be similar in that you use that software to backup the dvd to an image file (one big file for the whole dvd)
    then you would "mount" this image in daemontools. this image will then appear as a new disk drive in "my computer" and you can then simply double click on the drive and open your dvd playback software as normal



    dvdshrink is by far the easiest method to backup disks to your hdd.

    ]DVD Shrink 3.2 guide

    Is there any free DVD jukebox style software that can give you a good way of browsing your backed up (DVD shrink) DVD's with cover art and stuff.

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    thanks to all of you, i will try the methods you have all listed, in the meantime, have some rep you most knowledgeable people you!!!!:thumbsup::):thumbsup:
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