How do I create a forum?


    I posted this on another forum and the thread was promptly deleted so I hope it's allowed here.

    I am looking to set up a small forum (Nothing to do with HUKD or deals and whatnot) which needs to be password in only invited people can see the contents of that possible?

    How do I go about setting one up and does it cost much?

    Many Thanks


    Have u googled for free web forum templates?

    There are several options as Marina said you can google free web forum and you will find many places that will allow you to set up a forum free of charge. As its free you will be limited to what you can do with the forum, and ability to customise the forum.

    If you want total freedom then you need to consider forum software and a hosting company. The forum software can be free such as Phpbb3 which is wildly used and can be customised in many ways. also plenty of support out there. Other options are available but mostly at a charge. Hosting will not be free sadly but doesn't have to cost much but as there are millions of options to choose from as hosting company's are not hard to come by you can get a good deal.

    So you have completely free and limits on what you can do, or limitless and a small charge.

    Any other detail just drop us a PM


    depends what you want really, you could have a look at the link below, see if they do what you want?…php
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