How do i crop a pic to delete others on there

    So guys i have a group photo and for once i dont look too bad (not photogenic) i want to somehow erase the other people on there and just have me. Tried paint but it leaves a jagged edge and looks untidy. Any tips? Much appreciated


    I use Photoshop to crop images, if you haven't got that, which i'm guessing you haven't otherwise you probably wouldn't be asking i know a lot of people use the google image editing software, picasa

    Hope this helps

    right click and select open with> microsoft office picture manager (assuming you have office installed).

    Otherwise try downloading from [url][/url] its a surprisingly small download for a surprisingly capable image editor/manipulator, with most of the abilities of photoshop.

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    Cheers Harlzter and sancho, i'll havnt got or picasa but will download them and have a go
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