How Do I Downgrade My Iphone From 4.1 To 4.0

    just hope someone can help me if they know how to do this


    If you have your SHSH files (ECID SHSH) stored on your PC or via Cydia's servers, then fairly easily.

    If not, then you can't.

    If you have never JailBroken your phone, then you likely will not have what you need.
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    what it was is it was jailbreaked when on 4.0 but had problems then restored it on itunes and now version 4.1

    did you 'make your life easier' in cydia after jailbreaking? or save your blobs in a manual way?

    If you didn't then you cannot downgrade.

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    ahh i didnt save anything mate. how do i jailbreak on 4.1. whats the best way and easiest way

    Not strictly true, I updated mine to 4.0.2 and then realised couldn't Jailbreak doh!!! all searches told the story of needing blobs then I came accross this…de/ and managed to get mine to 4.0.1 and able to use jailbreakme. woohoo

    on reading it again maybe not, but I cant remember saving my blobs ????????????

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    is it possable and whats the easyest way to jailbreak on 4.1

    hang on shatter/greenpois0n should be out within a week theres no jb at the mo

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    thanks mate
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