How do I edit website created by Googlesite?

    Hi Everyone, I know this is not IT forum but I know there are a lot of IT geeks out here who can possibly help me with my problem. It could be a piece of cake for you.

    Thanks to HUKD member, I created a website using free Googlesite feature. My website is up and running now. As you know Google online interface is quite limited and giving me very little room to edit my website.

    So I was wondering if I can edit it in more professional software like Dreamweaver. I have not been able to edit it in Dream weaver. I don't know how to connect it to my site. I have been messing around with some setting in Manage Site and still no luck in getting it work.

    Please help.



    how did you make a free site ? is there a guide anywhere?

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    how did you make a free site ? is there a guide anywhere?…l=1

    I thought Google Sites were based on a un-editable template? When I tried to make a site there, under the impression it was just webspace with a few optional templates to get you started, I found it was more like a 'wiki' that you just add things to..

    If this is the case and you want more flexibility I'd suggest doing the following:
    1. 'Rip' your website using (when I say 'rip', I'm referring to the process of copying the whole site onto your computer. So you can edit it offline, on your computer)
    2. With all the HTML files (the main web pages), images, CSS stylesheets, and whatever else stored on your computer - import these into Dreamweaver and make the desired changes that Google Sites don't permit.
    3. Find some cheap/free web space (not Google) and upload it there.
    4. Continue to maintain your website in Dreamweaver and upload the newest revisions to your new webspace

    Basically, ditch Google Sites.

    Update: I just checked the site which I started making on Google Sites and it is, as a suspected, very restrictive. There's no ability to upload your own web pages, so using Dreamweaver to edit the site and then uploading the files to Google isn't possible. All Google lets you do is add content to a template and link several pages together to make something which resembles a website. Fine if all you want to do is get some information or pictures across to your users but no good if you need to have more control over the styling of your web pages.

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    I have ripped my website with Httrack already and everything is now saved on my hdd. How do I import them to Dreamweaver CS4 please. If you could tell me step by step, it would be really grateful.
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