How do I factory reset a Dell Venue 8 Pro to its out of box state?

Found 20th Sep 2014
I received a recovery and restore usb key and otg cable yesterday from Dell, due to my having had problems with my Dell Venue 8 pro since ī purchased it. How can I use this key on my Venue, bearing in mind that I only have the usb key, the otg cable and the tablet to do the job? I've tried to install the media from the key, but it tells me I need both the usb key and the maīns power.

The tablet is fully booted, but the problem with it is that I cannot reset my account to allow me to sign in with a numeric pin, nor can I reset the tablet, for the reasons explained above.

I have tried system restore, and various recovery and reset options, such as downloading the recovery files from "My Dell" and trying to use them to restore the tablet. I have tried the usb key that dell have sent me, but the tablet needs me to connect to both the usb key and the power lead, using only one usb socket. I have tried using a usb hub, but the device still complains of having no power, even though both the usb and the mains lead are connected to the hub, and the hub is connected to the mains power.

How do I get the tablet to read both the usb key and the mains lead at the same time? Failing that, is there another way to fully reset the tablet to its out of the box state; removing my account and all my personal settings from the device?

I've also asked this question on the Dell community site.
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You can get a phone help from dell is the best solution if under warranty or ask dell community to get best solution rather than damage to your tablet. Its always good to ask someone but might be youtube works fine, just type your query to youtube.
I've already contacted Dell, as they supplied me with the USB key with the files on it. The problem is that there is only one USB port on the tablet, but I need a port for the usb and a port for the mains lead. I tried a USB hub, but that doesn't work either.
What's on the USB stick? Maybe you could drag all the data onto the internal storage, and run it from there. That way you can keep it plugged it.
I had same problem, called Dell and they sent me the OTG and disc you have. I still couldn't work it out, so called them back and they patiently talked me through the whole process, and stayed on the line until it was up and running again. Good luck.
@rev6, I tried dragging and dropping the media to the sd card in the tablet, but the tablet didn't read the media as a boot device. I would probably need to tinker with it to create an iso image, etc. I don't want to do this in case the media doesn't copy correctly and bricks the tablet.

@missleading I have tried doing the reset with the tablet at 100% charged, but the software still asks for mains power, as the battery itself is not powerful enough to run the software.

@mutley700 I will call Dell again and ask them to walk me through the process, but I am off on holiday to Northern Ireland tomorrow to visit the in-laws. I have emails from Dell and will try to arrange for them to contact me while I am there; if I can get a mobile signal. I will ask them to give me step by step instructions in the email, in case the mobile connection doesn't work. There are instructions on the leaflet, but they are generic for all Dell tablets, and are useless for mine; as they ask me to connect both the usb stick and the mains power at the same time. If you can remember, is there any specific equipment or cables, etc that I may need to do this, so I can take them with me on my trip? It would be a pain to speak to Dell, and find that I need a certain item and don't have it with me. Obviously, I will take the tablet, the mains lead, the usb stick and the otg cable, but is there anything else required to do the job?

@allycat38 I have seen that video, but it doesn't reset the tablet fully. It removes my downloaded apps, but doesn't reset the tablet to its out of box state.

I will let everyone here know the outcome, or if any progress is made, and I thank you for all your replies so far.
There was no recovery partition on the tablet, as it was supplied as a refurbed unit. I will have a look at the information you sent me, but it seems pretty complicated to do, at first glance.
That requires a factory reset to be performed first, which I cannot do. I will wait for Dell to contact me, and get it done officially. It has full warranty, as it is just a couple of weeks old, so they can deal with it.
I contacted Dell after I arrived in Ireland, but they gave me the same steps I'd already tried. The guy on the phone seemed pretty clueless, constantly putting me on hold to check with someone else as to whether there were other options. He's asked me to send it for repair, which I'll do when I get home from my holiday.
On my return home from my holiday on Monday, there was a new USB dongle waiting for me at my neighbour's flat. I tried using this dongle to reset my tablet, and it worked. My tablet is now reset and I've been able to change my password to a pin as well. I can only conclude that the first dongle was a dud. Thanks for all your help everyone.
I have a thumbdrive with the recovery partition, and I just completely restored a Dell Venue 8 Pro to "out of box" config using it...I also got the "connect power" ...here is how to do it.

USB thumbdrive with recovery partition
Micro USB to female USB cable

With USB thumbdrive connected, follow prompts to restore windows, when you get to the "connect power" dialog, unplug USB adaptor from DVP USB port, and plug in power adapter.

AS SOON as it powers off/reboots, unplug power and plug back in USB adapter with USB recovery thumb drive. It will then boot into recovery, and there will be no further prompts for connecting to power.

That's it.

(Make sure tablet is charged before doing this)
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