how do i find all local listings on ebay?

Found 28th Jan 2011
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or on the left hand side where all the options are ebay there is an option for 'distance' put in your postcode and select how far you are willing to travel eg. 10 miles

EDIT: Just like whatsthepoint said
When you do a search on ebay, filter 'Location' on the left hand side and edit the Distance e.g. 20 miles within postcode xxx xxxx
Or in the 'sort by' drop down box (top right of the list) there is a nearest first option.
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thanks all
but there are lots of different furniture and stuff i want, so i would like to buy local,
don't want to keep putting different searches in, so thought it would be easier to look at everyhing local for sale..
just go on home and garden and do the filter?

quite handy, lets you search for items ending soon with no bids, items that are local, etc. etc
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