How do I find out more about My Xbox 360

    Hi I have an xbox 360 and I am now thinking about selling it.. However i dont know what memory is in it (bought from a friend) It has a removable hdd but don't know how to find out how old console is or what memory is in it??? any help would be greatly appreciated..


    where are you from as i maybe interested if you decide to sell

    check on the menu and settings

    can i report this post?

    Obviously here to sell.

    Original Poster


    can i report this post? Obviously here to sell.

    No I genuinely need info! I wouldnt know the first thing and I was thinking that maybe I could enter a code or something into or something it'd tell me more about it! i am needing info only.



    make life easier for yourself and just take pictures of everything youve got including box, console and accessories and just blur out the serial numbers on the back of console and if it says it on the console box aswell. ill help you with the rest if im on at the same time as you
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