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how do i find out my gateway address to do with xbox live?

Posted 8th Sep 2008
my son has bought a thing so he can have xbox live but it says the ip address,sub net mass has failed and gateway address failed
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his gateway address will be the router address. probably

if you go to control panel and network.
then check the details of you LAN it will tell you the gateway address

BTW are you using a wireless adaptor to connect?
if so it sounds like you haven't put the security password in, the rest should fill itself in once you've connected it to the router
Hey i cant get the right IP address can u help me?

Hey i cant get the right IP address can u help me?

This thread is 2 years old!

But, your gateway IP is most probably one of the following:

If none of them work, go on a computer on the same network that the Xbox will be using. Click the Start button and in the Run box (search bar on Vista/Win 7) type cmd. In the black pop up type ipconfig /all and look through the list for your gateway ip (called Default Gateway if I remember correctly).
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i cant find my gateway address on Xbox live
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