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How do I find out the size of my alloy wheels?

Posted 26th Dec 2013
I need to replace one of my front alloy wheels on my 2006 BMW M Sport convertible 320D.
I know it's an 18" wheel with a 225/40 tyre but I am not sure what other details I need (eg what J size it is, some ads mention MV2) I believe it is style 135 but I a not sure.
Can anyone help please?
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The size will be stamped on the rim
I Wheely don't know mate....have you had problems with your rims in the past?;)
The J size is the width of the wheel in inches,which will probably be 8.0 for your car.

MV2 is another name for the style 135,but you have to get the right offset which will be an ET number probably ET47.

All the numbers should be on the wheel you are replacing.
Thanks, any idea where on wheel the numbers will be?

Clashpie- replacing wheel as a motorbike ran into me Christmas Eve
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This may be helpful

The size stamp is usually on the inside of the wheel, so you will need to take it off and maybe give it a wipe.

8J x 18 is an idea of what it will look like. Width and diameter I think.
Stamped on the back of the wheel somewhere,on one of the spokes or maybe in the centre.
Is that a metaphor?
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