How do I find threads i started on here?

    I started a thread to trade a blu ray and a matress thread anyone know how i can find them if they are not on my activity on the right of the page?



    click on ur avatar or use advanced search


    As casparwhite has advised, if you also want to search for threads posted outside of the deals forums which are not registered against your profile (eg Misc & Deal Requests) then use the ]advanced search & 'Find Threads By User' your user name & 'Search All forums' - pick the relevant timescale in 'Find Posts From' as well eg in last month etc…rue


    you can find your threads outside deals via your profile, if you click profile,once their iin activity click view all in your active deals, then click in tools click the showonline deals and then show all deals again and all your threads will appear

    i have posted about this in feedback months ago but nothing was ever done
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