How do I format an HD to read/write on a Mac and a PC ?

    My mates getting a new 1tb portable drive for media work.

    It has to be able to transfer files between a Mac and a PC, I know nothing about Mac but I have a feeling that there's some kind of 'bridge' format that allows the drive to be used on both system?

    Can anyone give me a pointer, please ??



    Dont think you can.... But you can install software on a pc like Macdrive which will allow you to do so.

    Or just format the portable drive with Disk Utility on Mac, choose FAT.

    And the drive will work on both platforms.

    Best thing is to Format the Drive as NTFS and then get a copy of NTFS X for the Mac

    Works a treat.

    If your going FAT32. Segment the large drive into smaller partitions should sort that problem.

    EASEUS Partition Master will format FAT32 to any size drive you want.....and it's free !

    I used it to format my 500GB drive to FAT32 for my PS3 Backups .....(_;)



    Already stated that the disk can be formatted using Disk Utility - this … Already stated that the disk can be formatted using Disk Utility - this is the utility built into Snow Leopard.

    Unfortunately Fat 32 cant hold the 6.67GB Snow Leopard ISO I want to transfer onto a readable mac system drive!

    (I'm building a couple of Hackintosh i5 machines dual boot with W7)

    Getting the DMG image into a readable way is proving to be a big pain in the Bum.... Just hope the deal I posted will do the trick!
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