How do i format my pc please??


    After putting on windows 7 to my desktop pc, its still running slow, but much better. I have never formatted it, so guess doing that will certainly improve the pc.

    How do i do this pleas? I;m not too techy, but can follow instructions.

    I've my pc split at the moment into 4 seperate particians of hard drives. Window 7 & the former windows XP are on my C drive, the drive i would formart, but i wouldnt mind formatting the entrie full PC.

    Help would be certainly appreciated on this.

    Thanks so much in advance


    put the windows disk in follow osinstructions its easy

    do a win7 custom install and format the drive after creating partition

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    Do i do this in normal windows and not MS-dos prompt??

    So its a simple as using the windows 7 disc, and selecting a format drive section? Cool!

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    I think it was an upgrade.

    I used the disc and went on to the custom install. Definately didnt format it.


    I think it was an upgrade.I used the disc and went on to the custom … I think it was an upgrade.I used the disc and went on to the custom install. Definately didnt format it.

    The idea is go to custom install create how many partitions you want and format each one or just the one depending on partitions. The options are all there on custom install.

    you will probably need to boot from the windows 7 disk to do this, be carefull or you could take out everything including the seperate partitions and not really sure from your post you want to do this..

    Just an idea, but you may want to try defragging your hard drive first, cleaning the registry etc... if you format your hard drive you lose all the data on it.

    you have four partitions, yet do not know how to format?

    just make sure you back up all your stuff before you start messing about...

    and i also suggest making a hirens boot cd encase of emergency i.e windows doesnt boot

    When you turn on your PC, at the start is there an option to bring up a boot menu? Some motherboards allow you to press F11/F12 to choose which device to boot from
    If so, use that menu, and boot from your CD drive, do a custom install and make sure you format the right partition.

    If you don't get the boot menu, go into BIOS (usually DEL or F2), advanced boot options, and in the boot order/priority set the CDROM to first.
    Then boot into the CD and do the custom install.

    To help make sure you format the right partition, whilst you're in Windows, go to My Computer and rename (right-click->Rename or F2) the partition you want to format. Call it something like "ToFormat" or anything else meaningful.
    Then when you boot from the CD etc, select that drive, format it first and then proceed to installing Windows.

    You also mention formatting the whole drive...
    I don't really see why you need 4 partitions anyway. It's normal to have 2-3:
    2 if you have one OS, and one for storage of movies, photos etc.
    3 if you dual-boot OS, and the 3rd for storage as above.

    If you want to redo you partitions, when you boot into the DVD the point where you choose your drive, you can format the partitions, create new ones etc. Should you decide to do this remember to backup all your important data first!
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